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We believe that being equipped to handle the business is the most important element in business self-preservation in the times we live in. The more the world progresses, the more we have to do to keep up.

By taking action and signing up for the courses offered at EyeZon, you can improve your position in life and begin to take care of the issues that are most important in your life. Family, Money, Lifestyle and Leisure Time.

Start right NOW and join us….. We will keep our EyeZon YOU.  

Always something new to learn in the world of business…Especially when it’s your own..

EyeZonBiz Development Training…

Learning a trade or having a skill is simply half the job without solid business training. In the busy fast paced world we live in, the competition is fierce and the field is dirty. By learning the vital basic skills you need to survive out there is often the difference between winning and losing the battle.

We feel very strongly about education and have designed the EyeZon Business Training Program to assist our business partners in being able to effectively run and manage their own operation..

Our selection criteria

Each EyeZon course is presented and run ONLY for selected individuals that have a keen sense of passion to excel and learn from the ground up whilst making a difference in their lives.

What we offer with the course…

Course Outcomes

With this course you will acquire the solid theoretical foundation

you need to succeed in:

Why study with us?

Quality study material designed specifically for home-study.

The freedom to study at YOUR pace, where and when it suits YOU.

Affordable, easy payment options.


On successful completion of this course you will receive your EyeZon Certificate in Small Business Management.


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