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A wireless device can refer to any kind of communications equipment that does not require a physical wire for relaying information to another device. Wireless tracking devices fitted with a receiver use either GSM, Radio Frequency (RF) or infrared technology to communicate with a transmitter that is connected to the asset source, for example, a shipping container or vehicle.

The EyeZon iGoBoxTrak exists to fill a particular niche in the tracking industry. Being battery powered, and IP67 rated, it can be easily attached to an unpowered or difficult-to-wire asset, and provides low to medium frequency tracking. There is very  little initial install cost, and no barrier to frequent re-installs on varying assets.

The iGoBoxTrak’s tracking approach is therefore designed to minimise battery consumption, and allow the user to tailor the battery / detail trade-off to their requirements. Where a regular tracking unit will keep the GPS and mobile data connections powered for the duration of a trip, a battery powered tracker must spend its charge frugally if it is to last for years. It therefore spends most of its time asleep, waking briefly to determine its location, and uploading infrequently, even during trips. Carefully balancing the time spent awake and the time spent asleep.