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Keep EyeZon your tyres from  inside the cab in real time....

Tyre Pressure Monitoring...

The quality of your tyres, and the tyre pressures, form an integral function of your vehicle’s performance, fuel efficiency and your safety while driving. With an EyeZon Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, you are able to monitor the pressure and temperature of your tyres in real time or from a control room, allowing you to make informed and decisive decisions regarding the state of your wheels.

By knowing this important information prior to something going wrong, you will be able to take pro-active measures to correct the problem and in turn make your tyres also last longer whilst being safer on the road.

Make the Intelligent Choice and Let Us Do What We Do Best.... Help YOU...

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Simple Anti-Theft Design - with special tool

Available in both Car  and Truck Versions

DIY Design - Install Tyre Valve Directly

Eco Friendly and Battery Replaceable

Continuous Monitoring of Tyre Pressure and Temperature

Visible and Audible Alerts

Allows Users to preset ID_Codes


Eco Friendly Design

Special Socket for Truck Inner Tyres

Monitors Tyre Pressure : 0~1,300 kPa

IP68 Waterproof Design

Temperature Range: -40~125˚C

32 bit Code Ensures Sensor Accuracy